Thermal paste ideal for optimizing thermal conductivity Thermal conductivity 73 W / mk Viscosity: 0.0021 Pas Temperature: 10 ° C / +140 ° C Content: 1g


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The  Conductonaut  liquid metal thermal paste was developed for high-efficiency applications. The Conductonaut is  recommended as a top product for experienced users who are looking for a solution with the best heat dissipation in a temperature range of over 8 ° C. 

  • Ultra high thermal conductivity
  • Increased indium content 
  • Optimal use thanks to plastic needle


operation areaRating
Thermal conductivity*******
Sub-zero overclocking*
Water cooling*****
Air cooling*****
Silicone sensitive applications-


Conductonaut liquid metal thermal paste

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut is a liquid metal thermal paste based on a eutectic alloy. A special mixture of tin, gallium and indium, among others, results in a very high thermal conductivity. We recommend applying Conductonaut on nickel-plated copper, as this offers the best long-term stability. 

Thermal conductivity73 W / mk
viscosity 0.0021 Pas
density 6.24g / cm3
Recommended temperature 10 ° C / +140 ° C
content  1 g  


 Note: The Conductonaut thermal paste must not be used with aluminum coolers!

Note: Conductonaut is a metal alloy and can leave optical residues.
For best long-term performance, we recommend heat sinks with nickel-plated copper bases.