FC120 narrow frame bezel provides an increased area for strongerl heat dissipation Full load 1800RPM with 61.91CFM air flow each fan builds efficient PC case cooling system Daisy chained fans designed for better cable management in computer case without mess inside FC120 PC fans 5V-3Pin RGB build a fabulous world of lights just like the way you want RGB can be controlled by motherboard software without installing additional fan controller APP Noise damping pads in fans avoid vibration keep noise level under 28dB(A) in full load mode 4-Pin PWM PC fans matain balance between silence and performance to suit different needs


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DeepCool FC120 WH 3in1 Daisy Chain Case Fan FDB 120mm 1800RPM 61.91CFM

DeepCool FC120 WH 3in1 Fans
DeepCool FC120 WH 3in1 Fans
DeepCool FC120 SERIES

FC120 WH 3in1 Fans

The DeepCool FC120 Series performance RGB PWM fan simplifies cable management with a single novel daisy chainable cable that carries both RGB and PWM to interconnect between a series of fans and reduces cable clutter

DeepCool FC120 WH 3in1 Fans AURA SYNC

Synchronize the RGB light

DeepCool FC120 Series widely supports lighting customization solution to build visually stunning LED light effects

DeepCool FC120 WH 3in1 Fans 1800RPM 61.91CFM

FC120 WH 3in1 1800RPM Fan Speed

120mm FC120 WH 3in1 PWM fan features 1800RPM maximum speed with 61.91CFM airflow thanks to an updated blade design that delivers concentrated performance

DeepCool FC120 WH 3in1 Daisy Chain Fans

FC120 Series Daisy Chain Design

FC120 Series fan features a single 6-pin cable that transmits both PWM power and RGB data signals which eliminates the need for a fan hub and makes it easy to synchronize control of PWM and RGB functions for up to four FC120 fans

DeepCool FC120 WH 3in1 Quiet Fans
Quieter Space

Noise Dumping Pads

The noise damping pads in FC120 WH 3in1 fan corners avoid vibration and keep full load noise level under 28dB(A) for better using experience

DeepCool FC120 WH 3in1 Daisy Chain Fans

DeepCool FC120 WH 3in1 Daisy Chain Fans