Dimension: 18x36 Inches, Thickness: 3mm, Color: White Smooth cloth surface - Optimized for fast movement while maintaining excellent SPEED and CONTROL during gaming Non-slip rubber base - Provides heavy grip preventing sliding or movement of mouse pad Anti-Fraying stitched frame - Greatly increases lifespan and aesthetics of mousepad Machine Washable


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The ultimate gaming mousepad.

Our special surface provides a unique blend of speed and control making it ideal for any situation; From nailing headshots in Counter Strike to graphic design. All our mousepads also feature stitched edges which prevent the mouse pad from fraying while greatly increasing its aesthetic and lifespan. Thanks to our high-quality construction, these mousepads are also machine washable.

The Glorious Mousepads come in several sizes and colors.


  • Designed by gamers. Great to use for gaming and office work
  • Low Friction: Smooth surface for SPEED and CONTROL
  • Anti-slip rubber base
  • Portable with cloth surface
  • Optimized for various mouse sensors and sensitivities
  • Machine washable

Still not convinced about our quality? If there are any issues with your mousepad, we provide you with a replacement free of charge (up to one year from the date of purchase).

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xxl extended mousepad glorious

Size guide:

· LARGE 11x13in, 3mm thickness

· XL 16x18in, 3mm thickness

· XL HEAVY 16x18in, 5mm thickness

· XL EXTENDED 14x24 in, 3mm thickness

· EXTENDED 36x11in, 3mm thickness

· XXL 36x18in, 3mm thickness

· 3XL 48x24in, 3mm thickness

Glorious mousepad stitch

Glorious mousepad back front

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  • Anti-Fraying stitched frame - Greatly increases lifespan and aesthetics of mousepad
  • Machine Washable.

  • The smooth cloth surface is designed for pixel precise targeting and low friction.
  • Anti-slip rubber base keeps the mousepad securely in place

  • Comes in premium packaging.
  • Perfect gift for any computer enthusiast/gamer.

Fully compatible with our Glorious Peripherals

Glorious mousepad

Glorious products work together to create an exceptionally comfortable gaming experience. Our products are one of a kind and we strive to build the highest quality products at an affordable cost. Visit our website for more information on the full line of Glorious PC Gaming Race products!