Supports a wide range of USB wired and wireless (2.4ghz) keyboards and mice Programmable key-binding technology lets you change game controls without need for software. Includes USB cable for connection to the console

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The Pro-Kam Adapter supports the use of a keyboard and mouse on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Switch consoles; perfect to give you the advantage in your favourite game.

How to use:
Connect the adapter to your console with the included USB cable and the LED will light up in white
Connect the keyboard to the keyboard port to turn the LED red
Connect the wired mouse to the adapter to turn it green
Connect your official controller* with USB data cable (not included) to turn the controller gold - controller must be turned off when connected
Connect your 3.5mm headset and configure console audio output settings to output through USB (not supported on PS3)
*Controller not required for Nintendo Switch

How to change key-bindings:
Press keyboard F11 + F12 to light the adapter BLUE and enter key-mapping mode
Press and hold the controller button to be mapped
Press and hold your mouse or keyboard button
Hold both buttons for five seconds and release
Tap F11 + F12 again to exit key-mapping mode

Displays a colour-cycling RGB LED when connected Package contents:
Pro-Kam Adapter x 1
USB A to USB Type C Cable (32cm) x 1
Product Manual

Important Note: Although widely supported, the adapter is not compatible with all keyboards and mice.